Dry Baby. Happy Baby. Healthy Baby.

In the city of Cleveland, 52.3% of children are living in poverty, that’s more than one in four.  Families can’t afford to purchase
the diapers needed for their babies, they’re faced with having to choose between buying diapers and paying for food,
rent, or utilities.  Diapers for a single child can cost over $100 per month, but diapers aren't covered under
federal assistance programs like SNAP and WIC. A child who is forced to remain in a wet or soiled diaper
is more susceptible to emotional distress and health issues, and is at a higher risk for abuse.

The Baby Love Project is committed to bringing awareness, education and diaper assistance for children in low-income households.
By covering this basic need, we can help break the cycle of poverty, reduce stress for families
and provide children with the opportunity to grow up healthier and happier.
If your financial situation is making it difficult to purchase diapers for your child, and you currently receive Medicaid benefits,
we may be able to help. Call us today to set up an initial consultation.
How You Can Help
  1.  Volunteer Opportunities
    Volunteer Opportunities
    You can join us on our journey by getting involved with some of our volunteer and donation opportunities. With your help, we can ensure that all of Cleveland's children stay clean, dry, and in good health - one diaper at a time.
  2. Sponsor a Child
    Sponsor a Child
    Become a sponsor to a Baby Love Project child and help give underprivileged mothers and their children a brighter future. For as little as $25 per month, you could start supplying one or more of Cleveland's children with the diapers they need.
  3. Diaper Drives
    Diaper Drives
    A church, school, neighborhood organization, local business, or charitable event can host a diaper drive and help continue to assist the youngest victims of poverty. Every diaper and dollar collected helps support infants and children in the Cleveland area.